Self-inking Hanko (Katakana)


  • Due to COVID-19 outbreak, shipping to the US and Australia with conditions** ~Ship by Air. No insurance, No tracking no. will be issued. In case of loss, there is no support. If you’re ok with these conditions, you may order now.
    For other areas, we ship by usual “international ePacket”.
  • For other countries, we’ll ship by our usual shipping method (International ePacket).  However, some delays are expected. 
  • For acknowledgement mark [Not for registered Hanko nor opening bank account]
  • For fun & enjoyment
  • 10mm in a diameter
  • Able to stamp about 20,000 times
  • Please fill in your desired name on Hanko in English. We’ll translate it into Japanese.
  • Due to limited space of Hanko head, please fill in either family name or first name, or shorter version of your name.
  • Will send you preview image for your confirmation before making process
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