As of 18 Jan. 2022

Shipping to Australia, new shipping conditions are applied**

Ship EMS became not available. Shipping to Australia, by surface or DHL are the only options. 


As of 3 Nov. 2021

Shipping to the United States and Australia, new shipping conditions are applied**

Ship by air became not available nor ePacket. Only EMS shipping is available.
Shipping cost will be $28 for these two countries, but with tracking no. and safe and fast shipping. 

As of 28 Jan. 2021

Due to COVID19 pandemic, we cannot ship to Russia and India.
*Please consider using DHL option for shopping to these countries. 

As of 29 Nov. 2020

Shipping to the United States, Canada and Australia, shipping conditions are applied**

Currently ship by Air only. No insurance nor tracking number will be issued.
In case of loss, there is no support.
Shipping duration is about two weeks but some delays are expected. 

Having mentioned above, no issues have been reported so far. 🙂 

If you’re ok with these conditions, please place your order. 

Shipping to Italy, Philippines or Brazil:

We highly recommend you to use DHL shipping option due to the weak domestic shipping conditions. (extremely long shipping duration or some missing cases by Post mails (Kokusai e-Packet) in the past.
DHL is very fast and safe. 

For other areas, we deliver your Hanko by “Kokusai e-Packet”, Registered Air Small Packet for international shipping.

International Shipping charge: $15.
Domestic shipping (in Japan): $5. (delivery by Letter Pack light)

Please inquire us in advance if you have any questions. 


Features of Kokusai e-Packet:

  • Trackable (We’ll inform your tracking no. and checking site URL)
  • Reasonable cost with fast delivery
  • Insured up to 6,000 yen

Delivery time

  • Around two weeks for international shipping
  • Around one week for domestic shipping

We’ll inform you the delivery tracking number along with the checking url when we shipped your Hanko.