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What is Hanko?

A Hanko/Inkan (both terms are used interchangeably) is a carved stamp that may be used in any context where an individual, or an individual on behalf of a firm, would normally use a signature or initials. Contract signing, banking (at a bank), and getting a shipment are three examples. The need for a Hanko, as well as the sort of Hanko required, may vary depending on the scenario.

Our Personalised signature stamps are produced to order and manufactured on-site, allowing for speedy delivery. We require artwork for corporate logos or designs; however, we can typeset text in various fonts for address stamps or tabular stamps.

Hanko & Inkan Japanese Name Seal

What types of Hanko are available?

There are a few types of Hanko for individual use; Ginkōin (used at the bank, when opening and closing an account and for withdrawals), Jitsuin (means “real Hanko”, and is used when making contracts or getting official certificates), Mitomein (Hanko for acknowledgement) and Sanmonban (“cheap” Hanko, this is also used for acknowledgement). These four are the major Hanko for individual use. If you run a business, you may need to make a Kaishain (会社印), meaning company Hanko.

Ginkōin Japanese Name Seal

Ginkōin (銀行印)is used when you open a bank account, and the bank keeps its Inkan and they require you to bring your Hanko when you withdraw big money (like more than 500,000 yen at once, but it depends on bank) or close the bank account..  The ideal Ginkōin size is around 12-15mm in a diameter, but there is no regulation.

Jitsuin Japanese Name Seal

Jitsuin (実印) is a Hanko which is registered at city hall or a ward office. If you register your Hanko, you can get a certificate showing that your Inkan is yours. This process is necessary when you buy big items such as house or car. When making contract purchasing these items, you also need to submit the certificate along with the Inkan.  The ideal Jitsuin size is around 13-18mm in a diameter, but there is no regulation.

Mitomein Japanese Name Seal

Mitomein (認印) is the most general Hanko. Mitomein means to mark acknowledgement. You can use this Hanko as evidence that you’ve seen documents in the office, or receiving registered mail or parcels at home, for your resume of job application, making an application for joining a fitness gym, etc. The ideal Mitomein size is 10.5-13mm in a diameter, but there is no regulation.

Sanmonban Japanese Name Stamp

Sanmonban (三文判) is a ready-made cheap Hanko. This type of Hanko is sold at 100-yen shops as well for popular Japanese surnames. Sanmonban is a cheap, alternative version of Mitomein. Also, there is rubber made stamp-type Hanko with built in ink, called Shachihata. This is actually a product name, but since it’s so popular we use this name to refer to self-inking Hanko. This is kind of the Sanmonban and is quite handy Hanko in lieu of a signature.

We provide a complete line of custom seals online to meet your specific requirements. Our collection includes a variety of customized personal seal stamps that may be used for both business and personal purposes. JAPANESE NAME STAMP collection includes various sizes and color combinations that can be utilized for diverse purposes.

This bank Hanko is set on a hand-cut wooden block or a self-inking machine. Because each wooden block is unique, the one displayed may differ slightly from the one depicted. Ink is not included with wooden-handled stamps. Black ink is used in self-inking machines.

All stamps should be kept away from direct heat and sunshine. Depending on the ink/dye used, the family name stamp can be cleaned with warm soapy water or stamp cleaning. Always use the correct cleaning for the ink. This will guarantee that your personal seal stamp has the longest possible life.

We have the Japanese stamp for sale to meet your demands, whether you need a stamp merely for the date or you want to integrate your own design. The text is normally in the center of our configurable range, and your artwork may be put above and below the date.

We engrave and sell high-quality corporate and company embossing presses, also known as a common seal or company stamp, which are beneficial for corporations and notaries to imprint their name or brand on vital documents.

How do I make Hanko? - Japanese name stamp for foreigners

For a foreigner, making Mitomein first is recommended. Then, if necessary (for situations like buying a house, etc.) you can make it into Jitsuin by registering it, or create another one for solely the Jitsuin purpose.

Japanese usually make Mitomein with their surname. For Jitsuin, some people make it with their first name or full name too. There is no regulation on which name to use, as long as it’s your name.

As for foreigner, it’s your choice which part of your name (family name, first name or both full name) to use for any type of Hanko. But it’s not ideal to use your middle name as space in Hanko is quite limited. If you make Jitsuin, some local governments may not accept using middle name for Hanko registration. Please find more on our blog: Making Jitsuin Hanko for foreigners.

Japanese has three writing systems: Hiragana, Ktatakana and Kanji.

Custom Japanese Name Seal Writing Styles

How do I choose my name - Hiranaga, Katakana, or Kanji?

As a foreigner, you have options to make Hanko with any type of character you like. Customarily we describe foreigners’ names with Katakana though, for Hanko, you can use any Japanese character, or even Romaji (English letters) is fine. However, if you plan to make Jitsuin, some city/ward offices may not accept English or Hiragana letter registration so you need to check first if you already know where you will live.

As for Kanji, each character has meaning. Kanji names used for non-Japanese are selected by the pronunciation of their name. Normally Kanji has two types of reading, On-yomi and Kun-yomi, or Chinese way of reading and Japanese way of reading. So one name could be expressed with several Kanji patterns because one Kanji could have more than one reading. For example, the Kanji 秋 can be read “shuu” or “aki” and its meaning is autumn. Kanji for Matthew can be expressed as 真修, 馬周, 増収, 魔秋… and many other ways. Each of these Kanji name sounds like: real master, horse circuit, increasing income, magic fall respectively.

As for letter font, you can choose different fonts, like Insōtai, reishotai, kointai, kaishotai, insootai, tenshotai, etc. Below are the font examples the name Matthew in English, Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.

Different Japanese Writing Samples in English
Different Japanese Writing Samples
Japanese Name Stamp Font Samples

Where can I get Hanko?

If you’re living in Japan, you can find many Hanko shops in Japan like this.
They sell both ready-made Sanmonban Hanko and other order made Hanko. However, as a foreigner, you need to ask for order-made and also need to know how your name is written in Japanese if you want the Hanko in Japanese. 

You can order Hanko from here in our online Hanko shop. We’ll translate your name into Japanese (Hiragana, Katakana or Kanji) and deliver it to your place.
If you request Hanko in Kanji, we’ll give some suggestions and you can choose your preferred one. As each Kanji letter has meaning in it, you may want to know how your name looks in Kanji in advance. 

Hanko you can order here

Custom Japanese name seal for sale. Please choose Hanko you want to order. Click the product photo and choose font and case color, and write your desired name to be engraved in Hanko. In addition to the personal Hanko, we handle Hanko for the corporate use as well. Please check our Incorporate Hanko seal set. 
We deliver your order-made Hanko to your address. Please find the shipping fee from here. Delivery will takes about two weeks for outside of Japan although it may vary depending on the destination.  Please find the delivery detail here.  We accept payment with PayPal (you can pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account within Paypal checkout.) If you find any trouble on payment after ordering Hanko, you can always reach from here.

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We’ll translate your name into Japanese characters.

When you order Hanko, there is a column “your desired name on Hanko”. Please fill in your name in English or in your country language using alphabet (or if you know Japanese, you can write in Japanese too), We’ll translate it into Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji and show you the Hanko preview image in the reply email. For Kanji Hanko, we’ll show you the list Kanji options as well.

If you or your family, friends or loved one like Japanese items, Hanko (Japanese name seal/stamp) would be the ideal gift for them. Let’s get your Hanko, unique,  personalized and original Japanese seal in the world!

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