Company Name Seal Set


    • Company Name Seal Set (3 types of Hanko, Hanko case, Hanko mat and Ink pad) is a convenient seal set for incorporation in Japan

    • ① Daihyōshain (Seal for company representative, Used for Incorporation & contract documents. 18mm)

    • ② Ginkōin (Seal for bank account. 16.5mm)

    • ③ Kakuin (Square seal for bill, quotation documents. etc. 21mm )

    • Fill in your company name in “Your desired name on Hanko” column below in English. We’ll translate it into Japanese. Or write Japanese directly if you know it.
      You can use English for the company name as well. However, “Inc.” or “Co.” will be translated to 株式会社 and “LLC” will be 合同会社 in Japanese.

    • We will send you the Hanko preview image for you to confirm before Hanko making process
    • If you have any request, please write in “Order Notes” in checkout page.
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