Square Hanko (Kanji/27mm)


  • Ideal seal for Artwork & dōjō (martial arts honorary certificate)
  • Made of wood, 27mm each side
  • Up to 25 Kanji characters, or combination of Kanji and Katakana can be fit
  • Fill in your desired name on Hanko in English. We’ll translate it into Japanese. Or write Kanji name directly if you know it
  • You can combine different letters (Hiragana/Katakana/English and Kanji) if selected reading direction as Horizontal
  • For this 27mm square Hanko, comes with a soft Hanko case (there is no ink pad in it).
  • Order Ink pad and Hanko mat separately
  • This square Hanko cannot be used as a Jitsuin or Ginkōin in Japan
  • We’ll send you the Hanko preview image before shifting it to the making process
  • For shipping rates and conditions to your country, please visit our shipping page
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